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The Fallen Immortals

Cast Down From Heaven, Bound To Earth, Unwanted In Hell.

The Fallen Otherkin
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The Fallen Otherkin
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By Athenaltena

Again I find myself alone
Unable to love, pushing others away
The walls of my self made prison
Are slick and wet with my self pity
But now and then a thin shaft of light
Reminds me how far I have fallen

I don’t know how I have sunk so low
Only now, so far down,
Do I see my own pain
Dark seems to sink into my very being
I have no will to live
No will to make my escape
From this place to which I have fallen

I did not fall like a stone, echoing as I hit
Instead I sank like a feather
Floating down slowly,
Without fanfare
I cannot tell when I reached my lowest point
Only that I cannot go up as I came down
I am here, trapped
Alone and unloved
In this deep dark place I have fallen

My wings lie broken
Useless and heavy
As they hang motionless at my sides
Once they carried me through all the wonders of life
Now they ache and weigh me down in my solitude
I cannot sense anyone else who is near
No one can see me from where I have fallen

Tears will not come
I have no strength to cry
I am unable to do anything at all
The force that has pulled me
From each dip in the road
Has vanished in this place I have fallen

My hopeful shaft of light
Has vanished from my vision
I hang my head as darkness consumes me
I am alone, but tormented by ghosts
In this place within myself I have fallen

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For Fallen Otherkin :

We are the few
Yet we are the many
We walk amongst you as men
We are with you every day

We are the ones you shun
The ones you never notice
Yet we notice you
And we know the truth

There is more to this world than you can ever grasp
There are humans yes, but there is so much more
There are angels, and dragons, demons and vampires
We are the immortals that stalk this earth
The ones who are misjudged, persecuted and unwanted

We have been bond together in this coven by our blood
The ones who brought us together are the ones we forever love
All things dark, vampiric, and angelic are one
But this is something that mortal men can never comprehend

My black wings have carried me from another land
And crashed into this one forever I am
Spit upon by the locals who do not care to discover
Your universe is not what it is, or what it once was

The gods cry our names, in splendor or despair
But you will never hear them, you’re too deaf to even care
We mean you no harm, but all you do is cause us pain
Immortal heartache I feel, driving me insane

We are the fallen immortals, cast down from Heaven’s Gate
spewed out from the fires of Hell, and bound to this wretched place
athenaltena, catwitch, crystalxshadows, darkness_blade, darksidekitty, denizenz, doubtnomore, dreaming_chaos, drknessgathrs, kamyk, lapisrosae, morbid_abyss, norie_maton, nota, ques_nova, and whiteraven
The Fates have called our names
We are here for one reason, from the mortal world we’ve been disgraced

This poem is Copyright © Orpheus.
If you would like to be an affiliate of The Fallen Otherkin please contact one of the moderators.
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