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The Fallen Immortals
Cast Down From Heaven, Bound To Earth, Unwanted In Hell.
Pets being Otherkin 
26th-Jul-2007 08:23 am
I posted this on a few non LJ forums and thought I'd ask about it here too :)

Any way, I have a cat, it's my husband familiar and he is Dragon-kin. However, my cat, well she tends to act a little odd and uncat like. And sometimes when you look in her eyes you see something else. Maybe it's past lives, maybe it's just cause she's a cat, but maybe, just maybe she is otherkin. Possibly dragon or something.

I"m wondering if any one else has wondered or even experienced this in their pets or perhaps other animals?

And now that i think about it, the Second Dresden Files book, Fool Moon, covered were-humans briefly, a wolf that shifted to be a human. Also an interesting topic of discussion :)

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